The Girl Of My Dreams

from by Greg Hoy

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21 songs as full album by 12/06/2014.
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'The Girl Of My Dreams' incepted the keyboardz.

Written, recorded, mixed, mastered Saturday 11/29/14 as part of the 21 day songwriting exercise.


Got a chrome-plated heart ain't a bucket of bolts
Runs strong like an ox but only for adults
Takes turns like a champ always makes the scene
Keeps the white-walls white & the sidewells clean

Never gives any sass always turns on
Takes the road like a boss from sunset 'til dawn
There is something to be said for the selfless way
Never calls me a name always does what I say

Like the girl of my dreams
Like the girl of my dreams

Always goes to the place where I wanna go
We never get there fast we always take it slow
Doesn't question my thought never has any doubt
Sits in idle whisper doesn't ever shout

All the girls look & stare because they know the score
She's my little Christine she's my dirty little whore

Responds to my every command & touch
Takes control when I can't if I drink too much
Rides the roads like they're hers doesn't care what they say
And I roll down her sides on a sunny day

There's no one that can get the way it makes me feel
Every time that I get behind the steering wheel
It's the best thing I own It's the one thing I got
All the others leave me cold but she revs so hot


from The 21 Day Myth, released December 6, 2014




Greg Hoy San Francisco, California

PGH -> NYC -> SF. Too many recordings to count. Music as therapy.

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